Maintenance of a landscape - what to do?

Maintenance of a Landscape – What To Do?

The upkeep of a landscape requires a significant amount of effort and time. It can be a lot of work, even if you’re simply attempting to keep up with the bare minimum. This is because landscapes do not support themselves. 

Regular mowing will keep your lawn well-groomed, but fertilizing it is also necessary to keep it healthy. In addition to enhancing turf color, fertilizer thickens the lawn to lower the likelihood of weed growth. If you live in an area where phosphorus is too high in the soil, 15-0-15 fertilizer will be a great fit for your lawn.

While some homeowners do this on their own using items from the supermarket, you can choose to leave this task to gardening experts or ask for their advice on fertilizer selections. Fertilizer supplies will make your lawn as green as a golf course.